Civil Works

Our team has significant noise control design experience for road, infrastructure, and transit civil works projects. We have analyzed the noise impacts from transit and road networks throughout North America and have provided recommendations for noise and vibration mitigation for new roads, road expansions, streetcar and subway routes, and similar.

Some of our services include: long-term noise and vibration measurements and monitoring; environmental assessments; detailed acoustical models to evaluate the impact of proposed expansions and developments; recommendations for noise controls to minimize impact to residents; discussions and exercises regarding the feasibility of practical noise and vibration control measures; and presenting and attendance at public consultations. We have supported Environmental Assessments for GO Transit railway lines and road widening studies across Ontario.

Cronus is a monitoring system offered as a managed service by Aercoustics. Developed from our own proprietary devices, Cronus is a fully remote noise and vibration monitoring solution. The system’s flexibility enables customization for the specific needs of any application, including continuous monitoring from its web-based dashboard. Cronus has been customized noise and vibration monitoring of transit and construction projects (and many other applications).