Commercial Fit-out

Aercoustics has supported inventive and collaborative offices across North America, including Uber, Shopify, RBC, Globe and Mail, and many more. We leverage our experience in leading office design to hit the ground running and help produce outstanding projects.

As we see it, Aercoustics’ job is helping the design team and clients understand their expectations and design vision from an acoustic perspective. That means achieving the right level of privacy, noise control, and clarity across meeting rooms, work stations, and collaborative areas, ensuring the vision remains intact without compromising style or acoustical integrity.

These are all great expectations of an office space, yet they can also mean conflicts between the design and construction reality. We find the right balance by using sophisticated acoustic design tools and an intelligent, collaborative design approach. That includes fine tuning acoustic design recommendations to capitalize on all cost saving opportunities. We search for and troubleshoot innovative ways to develop and introduce acoustic treatment and separations, while ensuring that the look and feel of the space stays in line with the client’s objectives.