Modern day courtrooms have been designed as black box theatres with no natural light or natural acoustics. Courtroom design migrated to this acoustically “dead” environment because of the need to incorporate audio-visual equipment and recording equipment into the courts.

Aercoustics has rewritten the standards for acoustics in the courtroom – literally. You don’t need to sacrifice natural acoustics in order to meet government standards and ensure compatibility with audio-visual systems.

One of our key acoustical innovations is to employ design parameters that are typically used for performing arts centres – optimize the space for natural acoustics. This approach allows for a judge or participants to speak and for their speech to be heard clearly throughout the space. These principles apply to traditional courtrooms and unique spaces hosting direct accountability and restorative justice programs.

Aercoustics helps deliver open and effective courthouses that play a significant role in the civic and social realm. Clear communication is essential and we take that seriously.