Our acoustic design solutions connect people. We help performances come to life with excellent auditorium acoustics and build community with effective, flexible acoustics in cultural hubs.

Performing Arts

Aercoustics is a team of musicians and artists. We approach each project from this perspective, supported by a foundation of solid science and decades of experience in the performing arts world. Aercoustics will bring thoughtful and enthusiastic acoustic design support to your team – from day one to opening night.

Modern venues need to be ready for anything, this can mean dynamic programming, digital technology, and, not least of all, the most discerning audiences and performers.

Our advanced acoustic modelling capabilities and creative noise and vibration controls open doors to design possibilities that were once thought impossible. This can mean delivering a perfectly quiet concert hall on top of subway line, as we did with the Koerner Hall, or leading the industry with our modelling techniques, demonstrated by our Schreyer Award for the Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre.

We have built the ‘Renaissance’, an in-house acoustic modelling tool that allows us to model complex curves and geometries as true curves – something not possible with any commercially available software. Using this tool, we can help you implement unique, curved shapes and finishes, remaining confident that acoustic performance will not be compromised. Aercoustics is one of very few firms in the world that has the ability to conduct NURBS based modelling and optimization of geometries. We know modelling is often a highly iterative process and we have worked to streamline our work to meet your needs. We have specifically developed tools to incorporate into industry standard software, allowing for quick evaluation and integration of our recommendations.

Turning a flytower into a theatre.

Meridian Arts Centre Greenwin Theatre & Lyric Theatre

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An icon of world-class theatre.

Tom Patterson Theatre for Stratford Festival

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Community Centres

Community centres are designed for gathering and need to serve a wide variety of needs. From clear communication on the pool deck to separating a peaceful yoga class and disruptive aerobics class, running tracks, and racquetball and basketball courts – acoustic performance is important. Aercoustics has significant experience in addressing all of these components. We have provided consulting services on a number of community centre and fitness projects including the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre, VMC Smart Centres Place with YMCA, and the University of New Brunswick Richard Currie Athletic Centre. We are experts in delivering economical acoustic design solutions to these projects including environmental noise modelling and permitting.

Museums & Art Galleries

The modern cultural space should be comfortable for their communities while staying flexible to artist needs. Aercoustics understands the all the implications of acoustic design for museums and galleries, including design for musical performance, theatre, lectures, film screenings, multi-media exhibitions and presentations. This can mean room acoustic modelling for multipurpose performance spaces, controlling vibration long-span structures of large galleries, environmental noise and vibration control for complex sites, and more.

As acoustic consultants on Aga Khan Museum, Aercoustics delivered acoustic excellence in the complex volume of the multipurpose theatre and mitigated noise from the nearby 4-lane highway. For the Art Gallery of Ontario renovation, we employed a Tuned Mass Damper to control vibration in the long-span ballroom space. These are just some of the solutions we’ve provided to our clients.

Museums and galleries are cultural hubs, host to fundraisers, tourists, and their unique communities. Acoustic performance can make or break these dynamic spaces.

Art and technology.

Weston Family Learning Centre at the Art Gallery of Ontario

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Library services are growing and diversifying – expanding to include maker spaces, recording studios, and custom theatres for all sorts of community uses. This means that acoustic performance is even more important than before. As the acoustic consultants responsible for the Ottawa Central Library, Archives of Ontario York Tower, Ryerson Student Learning Centre, and Humber College Cultural Hub, we have the expertise in design for cutting-edge libraries and cultural facilities.

Acoustics can have an impact on design, constructability, cost, and performance over multiple disciplines (i.e. structural, architectural, and mechanical) and the importance of designing it correctly at the outset is paramount. This can include room acoustic design for the theatres, event space and their unique finishes; sound isolation for recording studios; or vibration control for sensitive archives.

Sacred Spaces

Acoustic design for sacred spaces requires consideration for amplified speech, choral performance, live music, and community programming. We work with our clients to balance the requirements of different uses and ensure that acoustic performance is not compromised.

We have provided design services for new and renovated sacred spaces across North America, including Toronto’s Ismaili Centre, Holy Blossom Temple and Sisters of St. Joseph Residence. We know that affordable acoustic design solutions are achievable when our team is integrated early and fully understands user and stakeholder priorities. Our team helps define realistic goals and provides workable recommendations. From controlling the background noise level for peaceful prayer, to 3D room acoustic modelling and acoustic review of A/V systems for speech and musical performance, Aercoustics knows what it takes to inspire prayer and connection in sacred spaces.