Light Rail Transit

We understand the challenges of mitigating, measuring, and monitoring noise and vibration generated from Light Rail Transit. We continue to develop and refine our methodologies on an ongoing basis on various projects for the Finch West Light Rail Transit, Ottawa Light Rail Transit, Minneapolis Central Corridor Light Rail Transit, major light rail transit operators in the Greater Toronto Area, and many more.

Our team deals with all aspects of Light Rail Transit. We are on board from day one helping develop competitive bids, supporting track design, and monitoring construction. This expertise is guided by our 10,000+ hours measuring transit noise and vibration (including surface and bore hole detailed vibration propagation testing and Force Density Level testing (LSTM & FDL) as per the Federal Transit Administration).

We are one of the few firms in North America that have the capabilities to offer full noise and vibration support from design to operations and maintenance. Aercoustics has developed advanced algorithms for detecting wheel condition and rail condition that is applicable to any railway system. This means guiding maintenance activities to help prevent noise complaints.

These complex projects interact with many sensitive users and noise and vibration is a major concern. Aercoustics’ design services have saved our clients millions of dollars and plenty of headaches.