Museums & Art Galleries

The modern cultural space should be comfortable for their communities while staying flexible to artist needs. Aercoustics understands the all the implications of acoustic design for museums and galleries, including design for musical performance, theatre, lectures, film screenings, multi-media exhibitions and presentations. This can mean room acoustic modelling for multipurpose performance spaces, controlling vibration long-span structures of large galleries, environmental noise and vibration control for complex sites, and more.

As acoustic consultants on Aga Khan Museum, Aercoustics delivered acoustic excellence in the complex volume of the multipurpose theatre and mitigated noise from the nearby 4-lane highway. For the Art Gallery of Ontario renovation, we employed a Tuned Mass Damper to control vibration in the long-span ballroom space. These are just some of the solutions we’ve provided to our clients.

Museums and galleries are cultural hubs, host to fundraisers, tourists, and their unique communities. Acoustic performance can make or break these dynamic spaces.

Art and technology.

Weston Family Learning Centre at the Art Gallery of Ontario

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A gathering place.

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

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