Performing Arts

Aercoustics is a team of musicians and artists. We approach each project from this perspective, supported by a foundation of solid science and decades of experience in the performing arts world. Aercoustics will bring thoughtful and enthusiastic acoustic design support to your team – from day one to opening night.

Modern venues need to be ready for anything, this can mean dynamic programming, digital technology, and, not least of all, the most discerning audiences and performers.

Our advanced acoustic modelling capabilities and creative noise and vibration controls open doors to design possibilities that were once thought impossible. This can mean delivering a perfectly quiet concert hall on top of subway line, as we did with the Koerner Hall, or leading the industry with our modelling techniques, demonstrated by our Schreyer Award for the Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre.

We have built the ‘Renaissance’, an in-house acoustic modelling tool that allows us to model complex curves and geometries as true curves – something not possible with any commercially available software. Using this tool, we can help you implement unique, curved shapes and finishes, remaining confident that acoustic performance will not be compromised. Aercoustics is one of very few firms in the world that has the ability to conduct NURBS based modelling and optimization of geometries. We know modelling is often a highly iterative process and we have worked to streamline our work to meet your needs. We have specifically developed tools to incorporate into industry standard software, allowing for quick evaluation and integration of our recommendations.

Turning a flytower into a theatre.

Meridian Arts Centre Greenwin Theatre & Lyric Theatre

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An icon of world-class theatre.

Tom Patterson Theatre for Stratford Festival

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A large space as quiet as a mouse.

Royal Conservatory of Music

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Uniting the arts.

University of Toronto’s Centre for Civilizations, Cultures & Cities

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