We routinely deliver acoustic design and environmental assessment services to clients for a wide range of residential developments of every size. Our work and acoustic assessment strategies have consistently been favourably reviewed by regulatory authorities. Our consulting services for each of these projects demonstrate our familiarity with the Tarion Bulletin 19 requirements and our ability to efficiently and effectively deliver acoustic design success for condominium projects. By working closely with the design team, we have brought life to thoughtful spaces, marked by acoustic comfort – like the Transit City towers in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and Calgary’s Alberta Boot towers.

Updates to the Ontario Building Code have made a significant impact on acoustics as it relates to residential developments. These changes specify a higher standard for design and testing with regards to the sound isolation performance of partitions, or “Apparent Sound Transmission Class” (ASTC). To put it bluntly, not all consultants can give the right guidance through these tough requirements. There is considerable risk of inflating the construction budget or simply not meeting code without the right consultants on your team. The residential world now works under much more stringent acoustical design and testing requirements than the past. Aercoustics can help.