The adrenaline high of the home-team advantage and the best of arena shows has everything to do with sound quality. Aercoustics uses our theatre and studio experience to design superior spaces flexible to the needs of any sports league and world class concert environment.

We used this approach on the renovation of the iconic Maple Leaf Gardens. The ice surface was moved higher to create a new rink, a grocery store was inserted on the main floor, and new spaces were added for the Ryerson University Athletic Centre.

Aercoustics created new acoustic software and modelling techniques to predict and make recommendations which included innovative, custom solutions for the floors and ceiling. Using fixed acoustic absorption, the look and feel of the building remain the same but now it has many multi-use spaces that with superior acoustical qualities.

Environmental noise can also be a significant problem for sports venues. The 40,000-seat Mosaic Stadium sits next to residential neighbourhoods in Regina, Saskatchewan. The stadium is home to the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders. Aercoustics incorporated noise controls for environmental noise in parallel with the architectural design for the stadium, making the CFL a better neighbour.

Aercoustics works to deliver the best possible fan experience and a solid home-team advantage, all while balancing the needs of the wider community. Sound quality and noise control are crucial to those goals.