Bringing new life to the Hollinger Project.

Goldcorp considers their Hollinger Project, in the heart of Timmins, one of the most significant mining projects ever undertaken. The mine extracts gold ore from the remains of the previously decommissioned site. In addition, they are revitalizing the area into a sustainable green space. Due to the sensitive nature of the project, Aercoustics was retained by the City of Timmins as on-going environmental project experts. Our role for the city is to ensure that Goldcorp follows the best practices in environmental management of the site. This includes auditing the environmental operations of the site and confirming that all operations are within Ministry of the Environment limits. Aercoustics visits the site routinely to witness auditing of the environmental work and conduct parallel testing of monitoring to ensure compliance of emissions at the site. As a result, we have developed a fantastic working relationship with the City of Timmins and Goldcorp. There have been some issues raised and addressed by all parties and the City of Timmins knows that its interests are being protected.

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