Making sure a quarry meets ministry limits.

The Milton Quarry opened in 2009, more than 10 years after site planning started. Aercoustics was tasked with preparing the noise study for the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of the Environment. There was serious concern over the cumulative impact from the operation and other neighbouring operations. There was also a large number of close receptors to the site and haul route that would be impacted by the quarry. Aercoustics developed a full, site-wide computer model of the operations, with each phase of the quarry modeled, for the entire life of the quarry. Our model used sound level of each piece of equipment and its location on-site, and determined the noise impact at each neighbouring receptor. With this information, we were able to strategically develop site-specific mitigation that would ensure the noise levels would be met at every receptor. Due to the scale of the project, the project was peer reviewed. The quarry application went to the Ontario Municipal Board, where Aercoustics provided expert witness testimony showing that the noise impacts met the Ministry limits. The Ontario Municipal Board found in favour of the quarry.

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