Creating rules with North America’s tallest wooden building.

Even though timing was tight, when tasked with taking over another noise consultant’s role on what would become the tallest wood building in North America, it was too exciting an opportunity to say no. Traditional wood buildings offer significant acoustical challenges related to sound isolation between adjoining spaces and throughout the building. And the Wood Innovation and Design Centre will be a multi-use building, housing the university’s lecture theatres, video-conference rooms for distant learning, workshop laboratories, staff offices and tenant space. With limited design guides to follow given the size of the building, we had to rely on the science of acoustics and noise control engineering to help create new building technologies. So we did. And we developed the theory required to accurately determine what the design of the walls, floors and ceilings would be for optimal sound isolation and room acoustic performance. And we’re confident that end result will be a building at the forefront of its industry and will be used a model and design standpoint going forward.

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