Aura: Monitoring and measurement for wind farms

Specially developed for the wind sector, our product Aura is a fully autonomous measurement system designed to measure noise from wind farms.

Aura uses proprietary wind screen technology created by Aercoustics that rejects wind noise, allowing the monitors to collect detailed data from wind farms for high quality (full resolution) sound sampling and analysis.

Aura features multi-channel sensing including sound, wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity, bar, pressure, precipitation and on-board telemetry. The system can currently measure up to 10m height sensing but can be configured for higher elevation. The Aura system is fully customizable so you can adapt to your specific regulatory jurisdiction and needs.

It has the ability to monitor and collect real-time data remotely, through a variety of wireless or wired connections, cellular, satellite, wifi, ethernet, etc. So no matter where your site is located, we can service and support. All data is transmitted to Aercoustics’ secure web-based dashboard for fast and easy analysis from anywhere.

Aura has been used to monitor noise for over 100,000 hours spanning wind power capacity of over 1GW all over the continent. This technology combined with Aercoustics team’s proprietary processes have allowed our clients to monitor their noise levels in real time and complete their regulatory commitments in an efficient manner.

For more info or to see how we can customize Aura for your needs, contact us.