Cronus: Construction noise and vibration monitoring

A customizable monitoring system, Cronus offers real-time construction noise and vibration monitoring services for building projects of all size. It ensures your site will satisfy regulatory requirements (e.g. Toronto Bylaw 514-2008), while protecting stakeholder assets and structures, such as sensitive uses, equipment, or heritage buildings. The system also collects valuable measurement data to support or refute construction vibration damage claims, should you ever need.

Cronus comes with Aercoustics’ professional engineering services, including:

  • Responsive expert assessment of monitor noise and vibration signals
  • Direct consultant coordination with site contacts to manage and resolve any detected noise and vibration events
  • Less down time or delays from false positives or unidentifiable signals

This reliable and adaptable monitor system is AC powered with multi-day battery backup, as well as off-grid solar option. It provides real-time remote data monitoring, notifications, and reporting—even without cell network access. Fit for any jobsite, the system is built with durable weatherproof, waterproof and construction proof equipment for deployment anywhere your project needs.

Its immediate detection capabilities and customizable event notifications mean you can manage community and customer noise and vibration complaints instantaneously for faster resolution.

Cronus is the only customizable remote noise and vibration monitoring system on the market. Our system has been used on construction sites across North America, including the Greater Toronto Area, Chicago, within BC and Alberta, as well as remote locations for mining. This technology, coupled with the Aercoustics’ team expertise ensures that your project is protected at all times with our professionals constantly reviewing the information to ensure that the limits are maintained.

Contact us for more info or to see how we can customize Cronus for your project.

Sample Reporting Dashboard