Dione: A master in transit monitoring and measurement

Created for the rigorous measurement and monitoring of transit sector, Dione provides smart and continuous data collection, monitoring, and reporting for rail systems, including:

  • Community noise and vibration impact levels
  • Wheelset condition monitoring (wheel flats, increased roughness, out of round, axle tracking position)
  • Wheel squeal detection and identification (top of rail, flange)

The system captures rich data that translates easily into actionable results, presented front and center. Our web-hosted reporting and data trending analysis offers customizable data visualization to present macro and micro data for different users and / or the public.

With the Dione system, your team can conduct more efficient system maintenance and effective management of community and customer noise and vibration complaints:

  • Data-based decisions when to conduct maintenance
  • Quantify maintenance effectiveness
  • Immediate detection for faster resolution
  • Real-time customizable event notifications

Already in use with major city transit systems, the Dione system has years of real-world use collecting and identifying trends in noise and vibration levels. Plus Dione can detect wheel defects much earlier than conventional systems.

With big data capture capabilities, Dione can gather vibration levels that allow for precision maintenance, reducing operating costs and maximizing the lifespan of assets. Aercoustics’ Dione system is the only one that can correlate the vibration levels to community impact—an invaluable need for any transit system.

Contact us for more info or to see how we can customize Dione for your needs.

Sample Reporting Dashboard