Introducing The Bridge: 3D sound simulation studio.

We’ve developed a state-of-the-art sound simulation studio that’s changing the way acoustical engineering is done. The first of its kind in Canada, The Bridge is an advanced listening room that allows our clients to experience sound like never before.

The Bridge is equipped with 12 loudspeakers in a spherical arrangement and a custom designed bass management system with 4 subwoofers. This technology right on-site allows us to accurately recreate any acoustical environment in three dimensions.

Bringing the numbers to life.

The Bridge turns data into a tangible experience. With the ability to hear the numbers, we can better communicate acoustic, noise, and vibration challenges and solutions with our clients. The Bridge is also outfitted with video so we can match up virtual reality simulations for an in-depth understanding of the way a space will sound and look—before even breaking ground.

Synthesizing any space.

Whether your project entails a concert hall, office, residence, community spaces or outdoor noise, our advanced audio system & modelling processes create accurate reproduction of all types of acoustics. The Bridge allows our engineers to simulate any environment so you can truly hear and experience your space.

Being able to experience first-hand what a space will sound like means you can make better decisions about your design, building materials, and how external factors, like a subway system, will impact your project.

Building better experiences.

The Bridge helps make our engineering better. It also ensures all of our clients—no matter the project size—can get a sample of the design. Now owners, architects, engineers and contractors can test their acoustical design and make sure it achieves its goal.

As consulting engineers, it’s our job to help clients bring their vision to reality. We know that reality often includes difficult decisions as well as balancing functionality and costs. Our goal is that The Bridge will literally help us to bridge this gap for our clients and beyond.

Watch our video to see how The Bridge can really bring projects to life. Contact us to learn more about The Bridge or set up demo.