Expert Testimony

At Aercoustics, we are often retained for our expertise in noise and vibration to provide expert testimony in a hearing or in court. Disputes can arise over many issues – community planning, transit, renewable energy, industrial development and more. When people are unable to resolve these differences or have disputes, it may go before a tribunal (like the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal or Alberta Utilities Commission) for a hearing or to the courtroom. Our experts are known for their communication skills. Our testimony is informed by years of experience and sound science. You can rely on our unbiased 3rd party perspective with all information communicated to the layperson.

We have represented many clients and industries including Vermont Department of Public Service to support the introduction of wind power in the state and Minneapolis Central Corridor LRT for the 3rd party review and testimony concerning their track design.

Case dismissed.

Minnesota LRT

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Helping Vermont keep wind power in check.

Vermont Public Service Department

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